Join the biggest English service provider for Koreans.

Mint05 is the largest English service provider for Koreans with over 2500 clients and growing.



We embrace each student's individuality and trust his ability to progress. We believe that incorporating empathy promotes a harmonious relationship between the teacher and the student.


We commit ourselves to never-ending learning so we focus on our teachers' continuous improvement, we guarantee that they are self-motivated, competent, and well-equipped with practical trainings.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just some of the few reasons why you should work with us

Feel at home

You may spend more than half your waking hours in the work place. We developed an environment that is comfortable that can boost your productivity and successfully make you feel at home.

Approachable admins

The admin staff are your friends. We work together towards a common goal. Forget fearing your supervisor, being scared to approach for any question. We're accommodating, easy to talk to and will always do our best to help out.

Fun and challenging work

Work is fun and challenging because you will get to talk to different personalities every day. It is both fun due to the variety of personalities but challenging at the same time. The real challenge is keeping things fun, while not forgetting the learning process of our students.

No graveyard or rotating shifts

Our schedules are fixed and so no changing shifts every month. We also do not have a graveyard shift. The AM shift is from 5AM - 2PM and the PM shift is from 2PM - 11PM.

What our Teachers have to say

  • I consider Mint 05 as part of my life. Teamwork, fun, and of course, the teaching-learning process itself are just a few of the many things to enjoy in this company.

    Teacher Zach

  • It has been a roller coaster ride with MINT Company. I've been through a series of success and failure, and I can say that this has made me a better and more efficient teacher.

    Teacher Tracy

  • Teaching has always been my passion. I'm happy this company gave me this chance to utilize my passion for personal and professional growth.

    Teacher Cream

  • Mint is truly a wonderful place to grow. It's a company like no other, where colleagues are great and are sure to bring out the best in you.

    Teacher Misty

  • Meeting and interacting with people with boundless enthusiasm and passion every day at work in Mint has inspired and influenced me to be just like them. I found a family in this company, and this precious family never ceases to help and motivate me to become a better person.

    Teacher Xanna

  • Being in Mint has allowed me to learn that the best part of being a teacher is experiencing the satisfaction in seeing your students learn so much from you and later on becoming successful in their chosen endeavours.

    Teacher Eris

  • What makes teaching rewarding is the idea that you not only get to witness a person's progress, but you also get to be part of his/her journey. You may not be physically present at the end of the course, but being part of your student's success is more than enough reason to be proud of being his teacher.

    Teacher Champ

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